Friday, December 7, 2018

what i would give as a present with on money for family and friends

For my Mum, I would try and make some perfume because she loves perfume and loves the smell.

For Dad, I would make him a wooden pencil case because it will be handy for his tools.

For Maverik, I could give him some of my old batteries that still work for his rock crawler because Mum will not buy him some.

For Johntay I would give him the old ball that I won from the ball missed because I don’t play with it and he always asks for it.

For Lana, I would give her my tie-dye kit because she loves tie-dye t-shirts.

For Zoey, I would give her some of my squishies because she loves squishies.

For Chloe, I would give her some slime because she always plays with my slime.

And for Mere I would give her some of my squishies because she loves squishies and her dos do not have that much.

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